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A traditional working fruit farm for almost one hundred years
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We are located on a traditional working fruit farm where our family have been growing fruit and vegetables for almost one hundred years.

Our crops are Plums, Apples and Pears as well as outdoor Asparagus. We have Apricots if the weather is kind.

The shop is open all year round offering our own fresh produce alongside local Vegetables, Eggs, Bread, Honey, Preserves and Apple juice.

We have a fridge full of specialist British Cheeses and Charcuterie and some luxury East Anglian Ice Creams and Confectionery.


Just a selection of the many fruit and vegetables we have growing on our farm...

Vista Bella
Vista Bella
Our first apple of the year. Beautiful crimson- green skin. Fresh tasted and crisp off the tree but like all early fruit doesn’t keep well. A welcome start to the season. From mid or late July.
Green Gage
Green Gage

Honey sweetness and beautiful golden green skin. Fruits exposed directly to the sun have a pink blush around the stalk. Real English Greengages are very small, very round and ready from second or third week of August (and not before).

Vista Bella

Similar to Discovery with a pink rosette pattern in the centre. Newly planted for 2023.


A relative newcomer this is a superb plum. Huge in size. Blue-black skin and great flavour. Not too sweet and not too sharp. Mid September.

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