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The Apples, Pears and Plums are grown on our farm and harvested by a small team of family and local pickers. None of this fruit travels for more than a mile from the tree to our shop. We are in total charge of our supply chain, determining when our fruit is ready based solely on taste, texture and colour. The only thing we can’t control is the weather!

Our fabulous range of both traditional and modern varieties are rarely found together elsewhere and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of our produce. We may not offer your usual supermarket variety but we can suggest  numerous alternatives. You could find several new favourites grown close to home; we can see the villages of Willingham, Over and Longstanton and also Northstowe town from our picking steps and we can watch as the guided bus passes by just a few minutes walk away.

The best recommendation we have is customers returning again and again because everything tastes so good. Maybe your fussy eater could find something to love.

Our Pears are available from mid August until end of March (8 varieties)


Dr Jules Yugot
Dr Jules Yugot

Our earliest pear. Good flavour but ripens quickly and difficult to store. sun exposed fruits can have pink blush. Mid August.

IMG_0635 Williams
Williams bon Chretien

Wonderful early pear. Excellent flavour. This is also known as a Bartlett pear. Late August


Early pear with very smooth skin and delicate flavour. Early September.


Ubiquitous english pear. Wonderful eaten nutty and crunchy straight from the tree in mid September or stored until after Christmas when full of sweetness.

Doyenne du Comice

The King of pears. Cannot be beaten for texture and flavour when ripe. Perfect for poached pears. Best peeled. From mid October


A cross between Conference and Comice. Has Comice texture and fragrance and looks of a Conference. A really good cross. From mid October.

Asian Pears

Awaiting image

Crunchy white flesh. Very sweet. Pale green skin looks more like an apple. September.


Similar in taste to Shinsekei but darker more russeted skin. September

Apricots (3 varieties)

A tricky crop to grow commercially outdoors in East Anglia. The Spring frosts frequently kill off the March blossom and cold weather this time of year can mean poor pollination as insects shelter from chilly windy days. For these reasons we do not have a crop to offer every year.


Early Apricot. Orange in colour. Eats well. Late July


Awaiting image

Mid season juicy variety with wonderful flavour. A pinky orange colour with sun blush on fruits from the top of the tree. Early August.

Awaiting image

Newly planted in 2022, we hope to have a crop in a few years time.

Asparagus (4 varieties)


This is our main variety. Developed to perform as an early outdoor uncovered crop. Season can start from mid April and lasts until early June. Excellent flavour. Spears are dark green with purple tips.


Awaiting image
Guelph Millenium

This is a later cropping variety planted in 2022. We expect to harvest in a few years time.

Awaiting image

Trial planting

Awaiting image

Trial planting


Timperley Early and Fultons Strawberry Surprise. Planted in 2023 and available in a few years time.

Annual Vegetables

In addition we also plant the annual vegetables listed below. All crops are susceptible to local weather conditions.

Sprouting Broccoli

Purple and White varieties available February if the weather behaves

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Broad Beans

July to August

Runner beans
Runner Beans

August and September

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Squash and Pumpkins

Numerous varieties. Starting with Crookneck in late summer. We have Spaghetti squash and Pumpkins for eating.

IMG_9507 kale

Available from late summer but peak crop in Winter

Cavalo Nero
Cavalo Nero

Available from November

Awaiting image
Salad Potatoes

Pink Fir Apple and Ratte. From late Summer.

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