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The Apples, Pears and Plums are grown on our farm and harvested by a small team of family and local pickers. None of this fruit travels for more than a mile from the tree to our shop. We are in total charge of our supply chain, determining when our fruit is ready based solely on taste, texture and colour. The only thing we can’t control is the weather!

Our fabulous range of both traditional and modern varieties are rarely found together elsewhere and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of our produce. We may not offer your usual supermarket variety but we can suggest  numerous alternatives. You could find several new favourites grown close to home; we can see the villages of Willingham, Over and Longstanton and also Northstowe town from our picking steps and we can watch as the guided bus passes by just a few minutes walk away.

The best recommendation we have is customers returning again and again because everything tastes so good. Maybe your fussy eater could find something to love.

Our Plums are available from early July to early October (35 varieties)


Our very earliest Plum typically arriving by mid July. Purple-black in colour with a good flavour reminiscent of Czar


An early Victoria type plum both in looks and flavour. Available end of July

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Malling Elizabeth (TM)

A new planting for 2023. A very early cropping new variety reminiscent of Victoria. It will be a few years until we get to taste these.

Sanctus Hubertus

Early blue-black plum with great depth of flavour. Makes great jam too. Availability end of July

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Our only non-European Plum. Lizzy is an early cherry plum. Bright red flesh and sweet flavour. Late July.


The classic well known early plum. Wonderful flavour although fruits are always on small side. Amazing jam. End of July

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Early Rivers

Classic early blue black plum. Small and rounded with amazing depth of flavour. Can be very sharp if not ripe.


Another classic well loved blue plum. Makes a wonderful deep red well flavoured jam.


Mid sized rounded mottled bluish plum. Good flavour.


Large oval shaped blue black plum. Sweet tasted. Early August.

Pink & Purple Gages

Beautifully sweet large juicy gages. Early August.

Golden Gage
Oullins Golden Gage

Sweet and large. Beautiful golden skin and juicy flesh. Very delicate and easily bruised these are not the same as Green Gages. Early August.

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Really sweet and very juicy large round Plum with reddish skin. Mid August.

IMG_7028 Jubileum

Very similar in looks to a Victoria. Tends to be larger in size. Sweet and juicy and ripening up to a week earlier. Mid August

Monsieur Hatif

An incredibly fragrant black gage. Super sweet. Mid August.

Purple Pershore

Originally developed for processing this is blue-black plum is full of flavour. It’s one of our sharpest varieties and a good choice for those that don’t like their fruit too sweet. Mid August.


Beautiful sweet eater. Good size. Mid August


The renowned English plum. Sweet with pink and yellow skin. Great for jam too. From second half of August.


Looks and tastes a bit like a Peach. Very sweet and juicy. Reddish pink skin. Very round in shape. Late August.

Green Gage
Green Gage

Honey sweetness and beautiful golden green skin. Fruits exposed directly to the sun have a pink blush around the stalk. Real English Greengages are very small, very round and ready from second or third week of August (and not before).


Very large round reddish sweet Plum. Can be mistaken for a Victoria unless side by side. Ready late August.

St Andrews Gage

Purple-black gage of good size. Lovely balanced flavour. Late August


A superb light purple skinned sweet eater ready late August. A real treat.


Very large Victoria look alike. Lovely sweet flavour. Late August.

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Extra large blue-black plum. Sweet easy eating. Good jam. Early September

Burbank Giant Prune

Red skinned oblong plum recommended for stewing.  Good as a sweet eater when ripe and for jam too. Early September

Burbank Tangerine

Highly unusual golden-orange round plum that seems to glow.  Hint of citrus flavour. Early September


Very large red-black plum. Medium  well balanced flavour. Good jam. Early September.

Kirke's Blue

Mid size round dark blue plum. Great flavour. This is a new variety for us. We hope to have a small crop in the next few years.


Unusual oblong-flat plum with slightly mottled purple skin. Amazing flavour. A real late season gem. Mid September.

Queens Crown
Queens Crown

This plum takes over from Victoria late in the season. It looks highly similar but crops slightly later and the flavour has slightly more depth. Mid September.

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Marjorie Seedling

The classic late blue plum. Marjorie has an unusual sweet green flesh. A good keeper. Mid September

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A true cooking plum. Blue-black and not particulary sweet. Great jam. Mid September.


A relative newcomer this is a superb plum. Huge in size. Blue-black skin and great flavour. Not too sweet and not too sharp. Mid September.

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